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. >> reporter: tonight as millions of americans worry about the government taking away their guns, this man, alex jones, is pushing a lot of buttons. >> and i'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. we will not relinquish them. do you understand? >> reporter: when alex jones went on cnn's piers morgan to discuss gun control in the wake of the sandy hook massacre -- >> you're a hatchet man of the new world order. >> reporter: he created a sensation. this video went massively viral. >> you think you're a tough guy? have me back with a boxing ring in here. >> reporter: who is alex jones? >> we've got abc nightly news/"nightline" here. >> reporter: jones agreed to let us into his world for a day. >> we're just soldiers looking to cross each other on the picket line here. america has been captured. america has been robbed. we are now being looted like a third world nation. well, i'm not going to sit down and shut up. >> reporter: jones is arguably the nation's premier purveyor of what they call paranoia porn. >> i'm live in 30 seconds. >> reporter: out of hi
several million in damage to the ship and the bridge. >> thank you very much. the federal government is coming after disgraced cycleing champion, lance armstrong, with a new tactic as he begins the journey to come clean. after years of denial this new information comes. katie? ought government will take legal action against lance armstrong. abc news, the "wall street journal", and "usa today" are reporting that the justice department is highly likely to join a lawsuit filed against armstrong by former teammate. abc says the suit alleges armstrong defrauded the u.s. government by denying 9 use of performance enhancing drugs because the postal service sponsored the raising career. if he loses he could pay a substantial amount of money to the government. right now the deadline to join the case is thursday for the department the same day his interview with oprah is schedule to air. sources say armstrong admitted the drug use to oprah and before 9 interview he apologized to the staff of the charity he founded. >> the biggest test for him is how well he apologizes. most of all, he will apo
provide discounts, teachers, government workers and students qualify. but you have to ask for it. >> but his company was bought by ibm. they have a 23, 24, 25% discount. >> reporter: that is $200 a year by typing in his work address on his carrier's website. avoid any unnecessary fee. any fee are negotiable. >> you have a set billing fee and spent six grand you want to hit me with 35 bucks? >> reporter: and a loophole to early termination fees. carrier will let you out of your contract if you lose your job or live where you don't have coverage. you can change your plan without renewing your contract. >> those rules stopped a long time ago. changing the plan doesn't trigger those contract changes any more. but again -- >> they used to. >> yes. >> reporter: now phil just has to switch plans online, on the phone or in the store. >> reporter: watch phil put the tips to the test. >> that won't extend your contract? and no. >> reporter: but it will put $1368 back in phil's pocket this year. >> two ways to get to face time. >> reporter: i'm paula farris in massachusetts. >> just ahead f
jose used to wait and let the federal government and state governments take lead. there are a lot of things moving. you can see what they do. >> so there was the mayor' reaction. we talked to him just before he jumped on a plane in washington, d.c.. so he was not able to attend the hearing today. postpone action on this particular proposal until next week. now, we also talked to the manager of the san jess yeah gun store and about this proposal z we'll have his thoughts as we continue our coverage on this controversial issue on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we'll see you alt 6:00. >> police in london say it's a miracle more people weren't kill today when a helicopter crashed on to a busy street, slamming into a construction crane in dense fog, then plummeted below. several vehicles caught fire, debris flew everywhere. but only the pilot and one person on the ground were killed. 16 others, injured. >> we saw the helicopter just go. quite shocked. >> we heard metal falling, everybody was running 67b89. >> smoke building up.ilt and people just running and screaming. >> the helicopter pilot
governments say the algerian army is trying to take control of the compound but the company has no confirmation of hostages being released or casualties. >> we have breaking news from a chemical explosion on the uc davis campus has injured one person. police say a junior researcher was injured this morning in a small explosion inside an apartment on campus. several units have been evacuated. investigators found chemicals in one unit. police say they do not know what the researcher was doing. new this morning, a blow to boeing airlines that fly the new boeing 787 dreamliner which were grounded overnight. they had to scramble to rebook thousands. unite was the only carrier in the united states to book the plane, airlines in india, and qatar, and japan and ethiopia have grounded the jets. the dreamliners were ground over flaws that could cause fires. officials are investigating battery-related problems following the emergency landing of an ana dreamliner in japan on tuesday. now the airline has put on hold the service to san jose that launched only last week. >> it is one of the mo
and other governments to try to secure their release. no word on how many americans are still being held. the government's confirmation comes as some americans were being ferried out of the algeria. >> the manti te'o story continues. was he duped? was it a hoax? the linebacker for notre dame has yet to comment on a public hoax concerning an online girl lead something to know how much he knew before revealing the truth. questions are surfacing of interviews he did in the days after finding out about the hoax where he continues with the story that his girlfriend died. we now know the name of the woman in the blurred out photo, apparently hiring lawyers saying someone it seems to me her pictures. >> 5th california adult died from the flu sweeping the nation. the casualty was from the inland empire, and they have upgraded the reach to wide-spread in california now. the good news is that no children have died from the flu. this year's vaccine is a great match for the strain they are seeing so it offers good protection against getting sick. nation-wide flu is widespread in all states but for t
secretary is warning lawmakers that the government will exhaust its borrowing limit as soon as one month from today. that is much earlier than expected. the president also sounded a warning. >> we are not a deadbeat nation. america cannot afford another debate with this congress about whether or not they should pay the bills they've already wracked up. >> house speaker john boehner has made it clear that he is eager to avoid a first-ever default on u.s. obligations, even if some republicans are not afraid of that idea. >>> secretary of state clinton will testify next wednesday before lawmakers about the deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. clinton had been scheduled to testify last month but she suffered a concussion when she fell during an illness. she was later hospitalized with a blood clot in her head. >>> breaking news overnight. a authorities in philadelphia are offering $10,000 for information leading to the safe return of a 5-year-old girl. nalya robertson was last seen yesterday morning. that's when surveillance cameras saw her leaving her school with a woman
to overthrow the government after an arrest warrant for pakistani's prime minister. and abc's muhammad lila was there, sending us a quick dispatch from the street. >> reporter: all night, protesters have been moving closer and closer to the country's parliament. all that separates them now from the heart of the government are those shipping containers. >>> and from muhammad lila there in the middle of pakistan's demonstrations, we move the now, you see these pictures in syria. they are new pictures of the disaster in that long fight tonight. this was a university, classrooms, dormitories. after two explosions in the city of aleppo. more than 80 people killed. the government and the rebels are each blaming each other for the blasts. >>> and we move on next to this nation, fighting the flu. and tonight, some new post cards from the front lines of america's epidemic. now, even worrying countries overseas. you can see it here. look. passengers from chicago are arriving in south korea, being scanned by those thermal cameras for signs of fever. and we are also hearing of churches back home asking
oprah and why the federal government is paying such close attention. >> traffic and weather are next together on the abc7 only news. here is the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving fine. it is clear. it is cold. mike nicco will have the full accweather forecast and the commute in the abc7 traffic center. >> also ahead, how low can it go, the new decline for apple stock and the investor fear leading to thehañbñ >> welcome back, the latest temperatures are in and san francisco is the warm spot at 41. 38 at oakland. 39 in fremont. 36 at half moon bay. 34 at mountain view and everyone else is freezing or below. 33 in san jose. there is frost this morning. the wind is either six miles per hour or calm. we do not have the stirring of the atmosphere. in the afternoon, low-to-mid 50's, and 57 in oakland and 58 in santa rosa and low 60's for everyone open thursday -- on thursday and friday. >> the capitol corridor train shows major delay system-wide because of this ongoing investigation of the fire in crockett. that is not blocking the tracks but early fire crews were blocking the tracks.
to reporters who are being kept about 20 miles away. but also to government officials in london, washington and paris, who encourage algerians to make the safety of the hostages their first priority. >> wonder if there's tensions between the american government and the algerian military this morning. brian, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> get information back. brian, thanks. >>> we turn, now, tonight two of lance armstrong's public confession to years of cheating, doping and lying to the whole world about it. armstrong began to break down when he talked about his family. abc's neal karlinsky has been all over this story from the very beginning and joins us with more. neal, in many ways, this seemed to be the more compelling of the two interviews. >> reporter: it certainly was. good morning, bianna. over the course of two nights there was plenty of evidence that armstrong's ability to lie is still on display. but there was one moment when the person behind the attitude and the image broke through. >> incredible. unbelievable. >> reporter: when you peel away all the lies, the cheati
of country, but not the government. >> after a three-year absence the maverick surf competition is back. today is the day surfers from all over the world come here to tackle the waves. a surf advisory is still in effect. that could mean some major waves. abc7 news reporter sergio has the details. >> photographer kevin harrington caught some great shots of surfers out testing the waters in preparation for tomorrow's mavericks competition but getting the shots was an adventure. >> we thought were going to be trashed by one of these huge waves because they were just coming way up over your head and the boat just tips over. it's scary. >> they were aboard john lynch's boat. he will be part of the surf patrol this year. >> being so close to the waves and the brakes and feeling the power and watching these guys. it's an incredible -- it's an incredible sport. you have to have some real guts to get out there and do what these guys are doing. >> the organizer of mavericks, jeff clark, was his guide. he was briefing the surfers who will be surfing what is expected to be 30-foot waves. mavericks
the money? sources tell abc news, the federal government is likely to join a whistle-blower lawsuit against armstrong this week, seeking to recoup millions of dollars paid to sponsor his cycling teams. it would be the costliest case against lance armstrong by far. and his biggest headache going forward. this morning, sources say the lying is over. after a decade of denials -- >> i have never doped. >> reporter: -- even lawsuits, and vicious attacks against his detractors -- >> i've never taken performance-enhancing drugs. >> reporter: -- sources tell abc news that lance armstrong now admits he really was on more than just his bike. and this morning, oprah's revealing new details about her interview. >> yes, think the entire interview was difficult. i would say he did not come clean in the manner that i expected. >> reporter: armstrong is in talks to possibly repay some of the millions of dollars the u.s. postal service paid to sponsor his team. money the federal government is already considering suing to get back. betsy and her husband, frankie, were close armstrong friends for years before
years? >> i hope he's learned that you know, no one part of the government, really, gets it all done. and so, he's got to do a better job of reaching out to members of congress, across both -- across the aisle, to the republicans. and the republicans have to stop buying into things that demonize the president. why aren't republican leaders shouting out about all this birther nonsense and these other things? they're silent. they need to speak out. this is the kind of intolerance i've been talking about, where these idiot presentations continue to be made. and you don't see the senior leadership of the party say, no, that's wrong. sometimes, by not speaking out, they're encouraging it. and the base keeps buying this stuff. and it's killing the base and party. 26% favorability rate for the party right now. that ought to be telling them something. you know? instead of attacking, whoever speaks, look in the mirror and say, how are we going to win the next election? >> and looking overseas, we know governments over the world will be pouring over this speech for every nuance, at this time,
. >> reporter: a worst case scenario, an eroding tax base. the government demanding more from lower income people. and the future of this baby, a potential revolt. >> this boat won't float if that continues. >> reporter: miriam hernandez, abc news, eyewitness news. >> that's pretty fascinating. you wouldn't think that. i mean, a lot of countries have problems with not having enough babies, but you wouldn't think the state of california. >> in 2011, the u.s. had 63 births per 1,000 women. compare that to the baby boom generation, 122 births of women of child-bearing ages, 15 to 44. >> are you going to do your part? you've got two. >> i might. i've always wanted four. >> you better get going. >> my husband counts so i have three. >>> it's one of the most heroic jobs in the world, walking into fire to do battle and save lives. >> up next, we'll see what a firefighter sees on the job and hear what he goes through in the middle of an infer know. it's all from his perspective and it's all coming up on "world news now." ♪ goodness gracious, great balls of fire ♪ ♪ you came along and moved m
. >> as indicated the federal government considered aaron schwartz a thief, for allegedly down loading academic paper was out permission. a case many believe led to his suicide. his robin hood like advocacy had strong bay area influences. >> schwartz gave a lecture last may. >> if we've lost the ability to communicate over the internet it could be a changed bill of rights, freedoms guaranteed in the constitution he dropped out of stanford but maintained a close friendship with lessic whoççí[ spoke about him today he was going to -- an incredible soul who inspired millions who,( now weep as we've seen a crossek:÷ e internet in outrage and devastation that he would have been driven to the cliff that he stepped over. >> the cliff was felony charges by the'z. swr justice department when he down loaded research papers at m.i.t.. cindy cohen met him six or seven years ago. >> he found a bunch of kindred souls. he first hooked up with cory was here, it's a testament to the movement. it's now all over the country. >> now, his web site is filled with testimonials calling him a hero. >> there is a
are willing to blow up the balance sheet because they want to continue government spending and increase the size of the government. >> we are -- [ all talking at the same time ] >> you've seen a trillion and a half dollars in spending cuts and saw $600 billion in new revenue. they have been taking -- >> george, if you take a look at what really was done is they dealt with the easiest 3% or 4% of the problem. the first mile of a marathon and want to celebrate at the half marathon mark when they've 25 miles more to run. >> that's why what the republicans did was smart. first of all, they took the debt limit and default and shutting down the government off the plate. but they also said, we want because this is the one place where they are getting through to people. we want the senate to pass a budget, and they are correct -- >> which they haven't in four years. >> but the senate hasn't done it because the democrats don't want to say where they would cut and that is a smart political move to make. >> instead of fighting the president, they're fighting democrats in the senate. >> that's righ
, but not the government. >>> and yesterday young women were invited to write letters to victims of tragedy. it was sponsored by the girls rock girls leadership sandy. they wrotelers to those from the elementary school sandy hook shooting. one was particularly affected. >> i don't like it that they killed so many people and he just want to stop the violence that was happening in the schools and to keep the schools safe. and the homes. >> the letters will be published in a book to be sent to both groups. >>> well, after a three-year absence, maverick surf competition is back. today is the day surfers from all over the world come here to tackle the waves. a surf advisory is still in effect. that could mean some major waves. abc7 news reporter sergio has the details. >> photographer kevin harrington caught some great shots of surfers out testing the waters in preparation for tomorrow's mavericks competition but getting the shots was an adventure. >> we were going to be trashed by one of these huge waves because they were just coming way up over your head and the boat just tips over. it's scary
, acted even before the federal government, putting in place the toughest gun control laws in the nation. >> this is a comprehensive bill that addresses the full panorama and spectrum of issues that come up. >> reporter: the new york law would block mentally ill patients from buying weapons and require mental health professional to report any patient they deem to be a significant risk or threat. victims of mass shootings want something similar done on a national level. >> mentally ill people with guns. come on. that's a lethal combination. >> reporter: gun rights advocates are vowing to wage war. former attorney general ed meese even raised the possibility of impeaching president obama if his gun measures go too far. john? sunny? >> thank you very much. >>> experts are expressing concern over the mental health provisions of the new york law. they fear people who need help will now avoid getting it if it means their names will be made public. one doctor called the law meaningless. and says he expects mental health professionals to ignore it. >> potentially opens up a huge number of patien
. it's grounded until it can prove to the federal government that the airline has fixed the problem with the battery that continues to overheat. united is the only u.s. carrier flying the 787 so far. the plane of the future is expected to dominate american skies soon. but right now, as you say, only six are flying. there are 50 total flying in the world. most of them in japan. and japanese authorities grounded all of their 787s overnight after a battery warning light and the smell of smoke forced an emergency landing there. panicked passengers were evacuated on the emergency chutes. three people suffered minor injuries, but the most damage has been done to the reputation of america's largest plane manufacturer. >> but all along, inspectors seem to be saying these aren't real safety issues. are we now seeing safety issues? >> reporter: it has to be a safety issue, for the faa to ground it. they're worried they don't have a handle on that battery fire. and until they do, and there was a fire, possibly a fire in the air over japan, they don't want these planes flying until they fix it.
mike honda. >> i said make the government here lirks local government more accessible to, like the younger crowd. >> krang honda liked the idea enough to send him two tik yits. another resident will be in charge of running facebook, twitter, you tube, flicker and pinterest pages for the inauguration. elizabeth thompson talked with us today from washington, d.c.. >> we just launched an iphone app so that will be hopefully live streaming during inauguration. >> four years ago, thousands were misdirected and caught in security holds. this time there will be directions for ticket holders expected. official swearing in is january 20th, sunday, big parade will be monday the day we celebrate martin luther king holiday. >> michelle obama has a new do for the inauguration. take a look. she tweeted the picture today using her new twitter account. you can see she has bangs. today her 49th birthday. >> our coverage begins on monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of good morning america and we'll have live coverage on abc 7 starting at 6:30 monday morning. i hope you'll tune i
hostages. the algerian government says there have been casualties it won't confirm how many have been killed, freed or being held. >> we have to prepare our self for possibilities of bad news ahead. >> u.s. secretary of state has algerian prime minister. but the white house would not aelaborate. >> we're in communication wtz algerian government. the president is being updated. ]m terrorists struck wednesday morning, attacking a bus carrying international workers being escorted by police. and the hostages were then moved. the defense secretary says the situation has been chaotic. >> you know intelligence officials believe this man is behind the attacks. also known as mr. marb -- marlboro. he's reportedly made tens of millions in ransom for kidna kidnappings and smugglings. the state department says there is concern other attacks may nbt work autos we want to make sure any of our citizens and companies are reviewing practice ootz state department says it's been in contact with american hostages families. >> a researcher at uc davis injured in a small explosion that took place inside of
to be more competitive and will now refer to president obama's health care reform as "government controlled health care." >> controlled environment weather, not exactly. we have no control. >> despite what you hear there is no government controlled weather. yet. right? >> here we go. we are already getting in trouble for other's forecast and now you are doing that. i got an e-mail someone yelling at me about cupertino. 6:18. good morning to you. it is friday. we made it. the embarcardero, downtown san francisco, the trees are not moving. it is still outside. we will look at live doppler 7 hd. high pressure is over us. a lost dry air is detected. a little bit of pollution. that is another spare pair -- "spare the air" day. we could have a couple more on saturday and sunday. 27 in sap that rose and 30 in napa and concord. those are the only stations freezing. mid-to-upper 30's in fremont and redwood city and low-to-mid 40's in oakland and novato of the san francisco is 48. temperature of 31 in gilroy to 45 in salinas, the extremes around monterey bay. more warming. more poor air quality. roug
of country but not the government. there were chevrolet gun shows across the country, and accidental shootings happened in three of them. in raleigh, shotgun went off and three people were hit by pellets in indiana and ohio, accidental shootings at two gun shows injured two people. no one was seriously injured. >> in san leandro today young women were invited to write letters to victims of tragedy. they rote letters to families of victims of hurricane sandy and the sandy hook shooting. >> didn't like it they hurt so many people, and i just want to stop the violence, what's happening in the school, and to keep the school safe. >> ama: the letters will be published in a book. >> leigh has the full look at the forecast. >> leigh: what a day it was. oakland high today, 70. we had 72 in santa cruz. close to those values tomorrow. live doppler 7hd mainly clear, a few high clouds near san jose, towards santa cruz, gilroy. but clear sky in the north bay. and that's where you'll find the coldest temperatures. 38 in napa. novato, 39. a little warmer towards san francisco. 51. 44, oakland. 37,
than $113,000. >> how many horse power? are they selling that to the government? >> it's pretty. >> thank you. >> we're talking about cars, also in detroit cadillac ats has been named 2013 north american car of the year. it's a compact luxury sedan designed to compete with bmw 3 series. general motors, cadillac parent company says this is ar5ñ huge boost for credibility here. it was the first win in at wards 19-year history. chrysler ram 1500 won truck of the year, by wait. >> it's chilly outside. isn't it?. >> it is. >> just three days it's been so cold. highs in the 50s and upper 40s but things goring to start to change. outside we go. i tell you, high pressure starting to build in. this is a delightful afternoon. looking over the bay, just a few clouds here and there. let's take you to mount tamalpais. our camera there, you're looking towards ocean beach. . a beautiful sunset happening. showing you no more out there. we're seeing high clouds here and there. right now, in the 40s. 48 in napa. 46 in novato. oakland 55. in sanynyc4 jose. temperatures are up from this time yest
in al gearia in a bp oil field. about 20 armed militants facility in unremarks cars. the government in algeria says two people were killed in the assault. soldiers since surrounded the living facility. the president is in talks to discuss plns on how to deal with this. >> redwood school officials settled for a $1 million for a family whose special needs child was attacked by a teacher. a teacher kicked the 5-year-old boy and berailted him. a judge convicted her of child abuse. the school superintendent said holder has been transferred out of the classroom and will have to resign at the end of the school year. >> governor brown is crushing for moron line courses throughout california college systems. he made himself heard today in san francisco. and explaining what the plan tb7uight. with moon that is the regents hope to make college more accessible bringing in more revenue. the president of the"(tzr uc sym says we're at a turningmÑ point. california no longer has means to support the uc system the wait has for decades. instead, he said it's time to embrace other ways of safing and
a shotgun and a 357 revolver because he fears the government will take away his right to own a gun. >> you can make concessions with the second amendment and it keeps going downhill from there. i think people are scared and reacting to the media and reacting to all of these shootings. personally i think they are overreacting. >> ammunition is more difficult to come by. >> i used to be able to get 50 shots for 15 bucks, and now it is almost 32 to 40 a box. >> it has been too much of a good thing. now many manufacturers are out of stock and deliveries are six months to a year out. >> pretty soon we won't have much to sell at all. what will we have for overhead and employees and staff? >> in south san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> the chill is easing ever so slightly. spencer christian is here with a look, and what we can expect for tomorrow? >> ever so slightly is the expression. let's take a look and there are no clouds around. it will be another chilly night. cold in some spots. lows dropping to 30 in santa rosa and vallejo. 31 in livermore and napa. that's not as cold as it was the
, franchising, patent. the justice department, the government will protect you. american way. >> reporter: yoga to the people is one of four groups bikram has sued for copyright infringement. the rival school was founded by bikram's former protege greg, that's him in the photo standing behind bikram. and you say this fellow is a thief? >> definitely. he was my student. i trained him. then he get greedy. >> reporter: he says the very idea of copyrighting a 5,000-year-old hindu discipline is absurd. >> it would be like if arnold schwarzenegger said i'm going to do five bench presses, six curls, call it around's workout, nobody can show that or teach that without my permission. that's crazy to me. >> reporter: after our interviews, but before the case went to trial, the two men abruptly settled. just last month, another yoga school run by form eer bikram students said that it's not copyrightable. the judge ruled they cannot be held liable for copy right infringement. bikram and his legal team plan to appeal. meanwhile, they have another case looming, brought by this woman, pandora williams. >> i l
be gone in one minute. >> he recently bought a 357 revolverr because he fears the government will take away his right to own a gun. >> you can make concessions with the second amendment and it keeps going downhill from there. i think people are scared and reacting to the m and and reacting to all of these shootings. personally i think they are overreacting. >> ammunition is more difficult to come by. >> i used to be able to get 50 shots for 15 bucks, and now it is almost to 40 a box. >> it has been too much of a good thing. now many manufacturers are out of stock and deliveries are six months to a year out. >> pretty soon we won't have much to sell at all. what will we have for overhead and employees and staff? >> in south san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> the chill is easing ever so slightly. spencer christian is here with a look, and what we can expect for tomorrow? >> ever so slightly is the expression. let's take a look and there are no clouds around. it will be another chilly night. cold in some spots. lows dropping to 30 in santa rosa and vallejo. 31 in livermore and napa.
. the consumer review site "yelp" will post health ratings online. it is a good way to get government information to the public. abc7's reporter will have a live report next year on that partnership. >> the weather forecast, now. it sounds like a broken record, or for the young people, the cd is skipping. >> the cd is stuck. >> mike nicco, our meteorologist , will explain where r what is happening. >> high pressure is keeping it still and allowing the pollution to build up. the poorest air quality will build in the east bay today, the north bay, and on the peninsula. especially headed from half moon bay to the coast and to san francisco. from about the san mateo bridge south to the santa clara valley we will have moderate amount of particulate matter in the air. calm conditions about everywhere and a little bit of a wind or a breeze in napa at three miles per hour. that is stagnant air allowing the pollution to build. with the "spare the air" day and so chilly do not bun the wood. by noon, mid-50's and nicer at lunch. upper 50's headed through 4:00, and we will be in the mid-to-upper 40's at 7:00
's meeting in washington, dc, saying it is a way to get government information to the public. also in san francisco the city's new law banning public nudity will go into effect next month but today the ordinance is challenged in federal court. a lawsuit filed by four nudists in november seeks an injunction based on their constitutional rights, what they say they are. the city attorney will argue on behalf of the ordinance as the federal court in san francisco and attorney for the plaintiffs wants it to apply to all nudists not just the four who filed suit. >> the governor brown will attend the board of regents meeting over the proposed budget keeping fee increases off the agenda. he says the university of california schools get plenty of help from taxpayers after votes approved proposition 30. he wants more students accepted from california community college. >> san jose police want you to look at the concept of a man wanted for trying to snatch a three-year-old girl from her mother's man. it is critical to get the man off the streets before he strikes again. he chatted with her and her d
of the plant. today, some of the hostages were killed. >> we're in communications with the algerian government. the president is being updated. >> dozens remain unaccounted for. >> back here in san francisco nudity activists fighting against the city's ban on being naked in public. that ban takes affect next month unless activists can stop it. we're live with the bare facts of the legal fight. >> the hearing lasted about an hour, the judge took this case under submission saying he knows what the ban scheduled to take affect february 1, he needs to decide this is becoming a familiar sight. nudists holing a protest. they took on the city. asking a judge for a preliminary injunction. this is to stop the been on what they call body freedom. to me nudity is a birth rate. we're born this way. >> last month, the board of supervisors prohibiting display of again talls and backsides in public spaisz including veets and sidewalks. this is after complaints from businesses of too many naked guys letting it hang out in the castro neighborhood. the nudists' attorney says her clients constitutional rights ar
government says 32 militants and 23 captives died during a special force operation to end the crisis. the militants consisted of 32 men, including three algerians. the group of radical islamists with links to al qaeda stormed the national gas plant on wednesday, 685 algerian and 107 foreign workers were freed. >>> president obama will take the oath of office for a second time tomorrow, but because of the date, which is a sunday, all the pomp and circumstance moves to monday. as finishing touches go on floats, the capitol is in security lockdown. the second go-round won't be as grabbed as the first. three years ago 1.8 million people filled the mall. four years ago nearly every one of the 29,000 hotel rooms in the area were booked. nearly 7,000 rooms are available today. anita mcbride, former assistant to george w. bush, says there's still a lot of excitement. >> the moment of the first african-american president, and it was new. for everyone. but there still is a level of excitement despite the numbers. >> ama: for the first time there's an official app for the inauguration, the comm
protested against what they see as an overreaching federal government aimed at taking away individual rights such as gun ownership, today president obama unveiled a sweeping package of measures including a bab of assault rifle. >> the price of a "two buck chuck" is no longer two bucks. the day raised the price from 1.99 to 2.49. the famous week was introduced in 2002. the prices vary from state to state but stayed at two bucks in california for years. trader joe's had to raise the price because of increased cost. >> we have all heard of rude waiters. one waiter explains why he was rude for a good cause. >> how people are helping out in the bay area on this national day of service. >> on the eve of the nfc title game. we'll hear from mike shumann. and gm brian saban, brutally honest about brian wilson's chance office >> today is the national day of service, a time to give back to the community and part of president obama's inauguration weekend in daly city that spirit of giving back was seen at a 36 unit complex on mission street, being built by habitat for humanity. more than 100 people turn
-lying areas the government may say its floodplain, little things and big things is how the weather is going to change our lives over the next generation, let's say. ♪ ♪ >> i could go on and on technince i started weather over 40 years ago. >> i'm spencer christian. >> when i first did the weather in 1972, we had a plex si covered glass map in the studio. i had a grease pencil and i drew the symbols and drew snowflakes. then we got into something else, that allows a person to stand in front of a screen but all the images you see at home is somehow superimposed and transmitted. >> it's been the advent of the computer that has made our job better in the sense we are forecasting better, in the sense we can see things longer out, but also raised expectations and made it harder in that respect. everybody expects you work with computer modems, aren't they perfect? no, not really but they are getting better. these weather computer models that have algorithms, we can't do them by hand. it takes a super computer three hours to crunch a forecast. you try doing that by hand or old computers. they a
says local governments need to fight to preserve best quality land. >> sacramento about to lose its only major sports franchise. seattle set to restore the team lost. the brothers have agreed to sell their 65% majority ownership to a group planning to move the team to seattle. they would revive the super sonics name and colors. a condition stit insisted on when the franchise moved to oklahoma city. this sale is now awaiting approval. >> san francisco jazz scene is thriving. much of the city has the only jazz music on the west coast. this is a music hall. the center is located near the symphony and the opera. >> san francisco this, building where we're standing has become a ground zero for this new era of respect for our art form. >> jazz musicians practice what they do. how school is that? >> from fr playoff fever to super bowl fever. >> biggest little fans show their team pride. >>> coming up, violence in the work plaichls a hahn charged with murders of three co-workers blames it on a childhood in china. >> here, experiencing presidential inauguration through social media. >> of co
turned up to see poetry that day. but one term later the prose of governing cut the number in half. but for those who did come the re-election is good enough reason to bundle up or in rare case dress down. >> there are republicans out there going there's an obama voter right there. >> i'm a republican. >> is that right? >> yes. >> what are you doing here today? >> mostly because i think we should support our president. >> obama! >> for every republican sighting there were 10,000 democrats. >> this moment was savored by all sorts of americans but it was especially powerful for african-americans one of their own sworn in on martin luther king's bible on martin luther king day. that is a divine convergence for these two from charlotte. >> i voted and i'm here and ready to celebrate. >> and cameron from chicago. >> how early did you get up? >> 6:00. >> 6:00 a.m.? >> yep. >> how many layers are you wearing? >> four. >> and mable from south carolina. four years ago she insulated herself with pictures of her an centers, freed slaves and sharecroppers. but today she was back. for them. >>
thought president obama's speech was too partisan. with divided government here in washington, he will need some gop support to pass his big agenda items. rob? paula? >> all right. tahman bradley live in washington. we had breaking news that part of the president's second term is going to get you a new hat. >> reporter: stop that. it's warm, though, okay? >> that's all that matters. >> easy for us to say, warm in the studio. >> he's doing the hard work. thank you, tahman. >>> the president is in a lot of big topics. seems like the state of the union address, a more sweeping, poetic inaugural address. climate change, immigration reform, equal pay for women. gun control. he laid out a litany of things he would like to do. and as you heard in that piece, spoke to the younger, much more diverse america, that helped get him elected. and maybe signifying the political shift in the country that's going to affect future elections. >> as if he was direct in this speech, imagine how more direct he's going to be in the state of the union on february 12th. >> term two, let it begin. stay with
, too political, and with divided government will president will need g.o.p. support to get the legislation passed. >> thank you. the national prayer service takes place if a few hours. at 7:30 our time the prayer begins at national cathedral. tonight at 6:00 another inaugural ball is underway for the president, with lady gaga taking the stage. >> finally, it is remain warmer here in california than on the east coast. >> he was bundled up back this. >> and now mike nicco will show you how much you have to bundle up. >> look at these temperatures: about from the same in san jose and los gatos to four degrees cooler in napa and everyone else is one to seven degrees warmer. washington, dc, a wind chill of six so it is definitely colder there. here is what to expect outside: really small pockets of frost. this is the last morning of frosty temperatures. 32 at santa rosa and everyone else is mid-to-upper 30's inland and 41 in antioch and the bay shore upper 30's in fremont and redwood city to san jose and los gatos and 37 and 36. 48 in san francisco and half moon bay. it will not
for women, and immigration. >> centuries-long debate about the role of government of all-time. but it does require us to act in our time. >> reporter: and for the first time ever in an inaugural address, the president specifically mentioned gay rights. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. for, if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another, must be equal, as well. >> reporter: but obama, four years ago, talked about the audacity of hope, now gives a nod to reality. reminding his most fervent supporters that progress requires compromise. >> we must act knowing that our work will be imperfect. we must act knowing that today's victories will be only partial. >> reporter: before he headed back into the capitol, president obama stopped to look in awe at that amazing view of the national mall. >> take a look one more time. i'm not going to see this again. >> reporter: afterwards, the obama family took in the parade in a decidedly less formal way. dancing, snapping photos. and even chewing gum.
does not compel us to settle centuries-long debate of the role of government for all time but it does require us to act in our time. >> the second term goals the president laid out went beyond what we heard, ambitious agenda from a politician who will never run for re-election. gay rights. climate change. gun control. immigration reform. protecting medicare and social security. >> they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make the country great. >> republicans say the president ignored the struggling economy or reducing the deficit but he acknowledged the ongoing partisan challenges facing washington carrying over from the first term. >> we cannot mistake absolutism for principle. or substitute spectacle for politics. or treat name-calling as reasoned debate. >> the president also signaled a shift to a younger america, one that he hopes to tap into for legislative success. >> karen, thank you. inaugural planners and representatives of beyonce are tightlipped this morning about whether she lip synced at the ceremony. ♪ oh, say does that star spangled
or actual other cyclists. but officials with that governing body. and also could work in a federal whistleblower with the department of justice about a cycling team sponsored by the u.s. postal service. so he has the ability to rat out a lot of officials and people. so his next steps legally should be fascinating because it's going to continue to unravel. >> perhaps if he's being advised, it will be a way for him to avoid any real penalties, any jail time. he needs to cooperate. >> but his credibility is so damaged. what kind of witness is he going to make? >> i know. >>> moving on to other news this tuesday morning. president obama has started weighing his options as he takes action with plans for tougher gun control laws. the president says he knows he faces an uphill fight, trying to get congress to go along with an assault weapons ban. in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school massacre, mr. obama said he will consider using executive powers to bring about change. >> if there's a step we can take to save even one child from what happened in newtown, we should take that ste
now. >> the british prime minister is calling it an ongoing situation in algeria. governments around the world are watching this carefully trying to get information. martha rad das is with the u.s. defense secretary in itly. >>> but first, abc's brian ross is here with the latest breaking details. >> reporter: the british foreign aufszer tells abc news, in the last few hours, the algerian has launched an operation to free the hostages. eyewitness accounts describe a helicopter assault and number of fatalities of both hostages and terrorists. none of which can be confirmed by abc news. intelligence officials say the situation is tense. >> it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage, along with others. >> reporter: the terror strike came without warning wednesday morning, when an estimated 20 gunmen, first attacked a bus carrying workers, escorted by two cars carrying security teams. at least one worker was killed. then, the terrorists moved on to the compound, where they are now holed up with the american and other western hostages. intelligence officials believe this
the government can't avoid problems everyone can see. gloria riviera, abc news, beijing. >> and another note about this. when our team visited china two years ago, we noticed the difference between the polluted air outside in beijing and how we felt when we walked inside the american embassy, where the air is much cleaner. well, we were told that the pollution is so severe there, because of health issues, the embassy creates special filtered air for embassy workers. so, they'll have air as clean as the air here back home. >>> and we have two notes tonight about the war on terror and another western nation stepping up to take the lead. france. they are launching air strikes against the al qaeda affiliate in the west african nation of mali. and in somalia, a french commando captured in a raid this weekend has died. today, the militants declared on twitter, quote, a return of the crusades, but the cross the commander was wearing could not save him from the sword. >>> and one more note back here at home tonight, we want to tell you that after seven weeks, president george h.w. bush has left a ho
order. new york state acted before the federal government putting in place the toughest gun criminal laws in the nation. >> this is a comprehensive bill that addresses the full spectrum of issues. >> the new york law blocks mentally ill patients from buying weapons and require mental health professionals to report any patient deemed "significant risk or threat." victims of mass shootings want something similar done national ly. amen tale -- do we want mentally ill people with guns in come on. >> attorney general ed meese raised the possibility of impeaching president obama if the gun proposals go too far. reporting live in washington for abc7 news. eric? >> thank you. >> this is the day we are going to warm up. mike, it is slow this morning. >> slow yesterday. slow tomorrow and overnight. we are getting less than ten hours of sunshine so we get how many hours of night? 14 hours. there is an imbalance that is why the overnight hours are frosty. they will be frosty inland we talked about that. we have clear conditions and you can see how calm the embarcardero is. live doppler 7 hd show
at home in livermore. conrad bain >>> a coalition of consumer groups is asking the federal government to take a look at the lending practices of san francisco based wells fargo bank. >> that is right. they're concerned about a program they claim is like a pay day loan product. >> michael finney is here now with a story of a woman comparing her experience to a debt trap. >> yes this, wells fargo prefers to call the program a direct deposit advance, charging 1 path $50 for every $20 borrowed. your loan must be paid in full when the next check arrives. the fee on the loan is equivalent of a percentage rate of 108%. a 30 day loan, 91%. annette smith of rockland needed to pay for smog repairs and registration on her truck. she didn't have the money, so they she twont her bank. now, the bank won't give her a traditional loan but suggested that she might want to use a wells program called direct deposit advance. >> i zrnt to have collateral. i didn't have to have a credit check. and i felt that that was a good service. you know? >> wells fargo let her borrow up to $500. she had to die to it
pointed out that the supreme court gives local governments some authorities in regulating morals
.s. and other governments were not told about the rescue operation ahead of time. and with information coming out, being described as murky, it could be some time before we get a clearer picture of the situation on the ground. >> that situation, very fluid. tahman bradley, live in washington this morning. thank you, tahman. >>> and president obama is mobilizing his campaign apparatus in the gun control debate. after unveiling his proposals wednesday, mr. obama is pressuring congress with a new online petition. it seeks support for universal background checks and other reforms. one virginia state lawmaker went dramatic. brandishing an ak-47 yesterday, while urging a support for a ban on assault weapons. it was unloaded. and his bill was defeated. >>> washington gearing up for a full weekend of inaugural events. security has been cranking up as practice for all of the major happenings take place tomorrow. mr. obama, vice president biden and their wives taking part in service events across washington. they will be sworn up on sunday, before monday's ceremonial swearing in at the capitol. >>> a s
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